About Me

Who is Chris Barlow?

Chris has been in sales & marketing for over 8 years. He has a passion for helping companies like yours generate new business and communicate your unique solution to your market.
You will find him pleasant to work with, quick to respond to communication, eager to accommodate, willing to take responsibility, and not easily thrown off track. He has a reputation for high standards and integrity; see testimonials
Chris was born and raised in Fort Collins. When not in the office, Chris enjoys being with his wife and four children. You might also find him trying to improve his German, playing works by Claude Debussy on the piano, or reading a book by G. K. Chesterton.

What can he do for you?

The market is a big place, and the collective buzz of advertising can be deafening.
In attracting business, more buzz seems to be the dominant strategy for most companies.
You need to be in the 10% of companies who don’t just make more marketing noise, but actually reach customers in an irresistibly attractive way.
You could generate more business in a more effective manner, and avoid creating marketing noise that is ignored anyway.
The marketplace could enjoy just a little more of the beauty of stillness!
With the right buzz, for the right bees, in the right place, this will happen automatically.

Working with Chris

Please note, we rarely take on more than two clients at a time.
We have to be selective,  because:
1) We want clients to be a good fit for us, and we want to be a good fit for them. Life is too short for us to not enjoy working together.
2) We will only take you on if we are confident in our ability to produce results for you that are 3x your investment.
If you are remotely interested in working with us, please go here and apply.
There are 6 questions that will tell us about your business and if you’re the type of company we can help.
Within 24 hours you’ll be contacted by our team to schedule a time to speak.
Your answers will determine if we’re a good fit, and if we are, they’ll help us hit the ground running.
But, if we are not a good fit, we’ll do all we can to help you find the resources you need to solve your problem.

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