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Not Getting Found

Our Web Presence Brings in No Sales. Our website & marketing generates no leads, or at best tire kickers.

Read this article to learn how to start getting found for less than $5/month through Adwords.

Lack of Understanding

We don’t know if our marketing is a good investment because we aren’t measuring it.

Read this article to learn how to start measuring your results in an Adwords campaign.


I’m concerned our local audience is always comparing on price.

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Not Buying

I’m paying for targeted leads to come to my site, but none of them turn into customers.

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Ads Are Expensive

Ad costs are high, and my sales cycle is too long to turn visitors into clients fast enough.

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No One Views My Ads

I have a strategy for putting ads out there, but they are getting overlooked. My audience is too inundated with other messages to pay attention.

Read this article to discover the kind of marketing that has the highest rate of response, and is only growing in it’s effectiveness: video.

Out of Ideas

I want to keep improving my marketing results, but I need an idea on how to do this.

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Is My Agency Adding Value?

I don’t know what my marketing company is doing to earn their monthly fees, but I’m afraid it could be rolling on a bed in my money.

Read this article to learn how to keep your marketing manager or agency accountable for what you’re paying them.

My Copywriting is Bad

I have to write emails, ads, and other marketing messages and somehow remain creative and influence my audience. How do I do it?

Read this article to start learning a skill that, once mastered, will make your marketing extremely effective and successful.