Getting New Clients For $5 or Less

(a 6 day mini-course)

Day 1: The strategy and why it works

Today we’re going to dive into the strategy and I’ll try to clear any doubts you might have about its potential.
In order to keep things simple for the mini course, we’re going to center the strategy around one platform — Google Adwords. If you wanted to do this in a different search platform like Bing, it will be very easy to copy and paste a campaign from Adwords.
Oh, and the strategy you’re going to implement in this mini-course is applicable to you no matter what industry you are in.  We’re going to have your ads only show up for one keyword (and variants) – that of your company name and or specific branded product line.
Here’s why this is an effective strategy for anyone:
  1. Almost no one else is going to be bidding on your company/product name. Because of this, it will be extremely cheap each time someone clicks on your ad (often between $0.05 and $0.75).
  2. Most likely not many people are doing this search, so depending on whether you want your campaign to go across the US or just your local city, your monthly costs could be low. If you’re doing a local campaign, this strategy might cost you $5 / month or less. If your campaign is running across the US, the cost might not be much higher (it really depends on one factor – how many people are searching for your company/product name right now).
  3. So far I’ve mostly said this strategy is effective because of cost. But that’s only part of it. The real reason this strategy is effective is because it puts you at the #1 spot in Google, and even if no one clicks on your ad, if they search for you they are guaranteed to find you and to read the message you want to share with them.
  4. This strategy requires 10 minutes per day for 6 days to set up, but very little time to maintain. The competition on your company or product name is unlikely to change very quickly, so the need for constant maintenance on your campaign is also low.
If I haven’t convinced you why you should do this, let me add one more thing.
Even if you have done a great job optimizing your website and Google indexes and places you #1 in the organic search results, studies show that instead of taking away the free clicks you would get on the organic result of your website, your pay per click ad will increase BOTH overall clicks and clicks to your organic result!
Here is an example. Let’s use an example with the company Lifebook USA. What if you saw an ad for them on Facebook, then did a quick Google search to find out what they were all about?
Do a simple search for their name and you will see this yourself:


They take up over ½ of the first page of Google. One third of the space that they take up is an ad. Without the ad they would take up that much less space on Google’s first page. In fact, Fujitsu America would appear higher on the page, and there would be only one main entry a potential customer could see and click on, instead of two.
Think about it further – if you don’t know who Lifebook is and you’ve searched to learn more, your eyes might scan quickly over the ad (“Lifebook: Tell Your Story – Create Your Own Autobiography.”), but then instead of hitting unrelated results, you see the name repeated to you in the organic results. The ad has prepared you to see the organic result (and vice versa, the organic result validates the ad you just saw).
Instead of coming to an unrelated entry about Fujitsu, you come to Lifebook again.
Seeing the name and message repeated twice is going to make you more likely to click on the organic result! Furthermore, the ad allowed Lifebook to say much more about what they can do for you right in the title (while the organic title merely repeated the name/the keywords searched).
All this to say, in every case except one (which I will explain below), creating a branded/company/product campaign will be valuable for you.
Consider how this strategy combines with any other marketing that you do. Whether you have an event, run ads, send mailers, or get word of mouth referrals, any time someone then jumps on Google to look you up, you can be fairly certain they will find you right at the top.
If you really work hard on your website, social media, and other profiles, you can take up the entire first page of Google!
One Exception (only if both criteria are met):
  • If you have NO competition for your company/brand name, AND
  • All of the organic results on the first page are about your own company/brand name…
Then you might consider not using this strategy. That being said, follow along with the course and you will be able determine its value for your business. You can always test it for one month and pause if it isn’t helping you.
Before I get started, I’ll set two more expectations for you:
  1. If you are already doing any other kind of marketing this strategy will help because people are already searching for you. It combines well with your other efforts.
  2. If you are a local business, the amount of searches being done might be low, but the costs and maintenance will be minuscule (could be as low as $20 – $100 / year). In spite of these low costs, the strategy could still easily bring clients for $5 or less.
What’s your next step? Go sign up for an Adwords account (if you don’t already have one). It’s free.
Once again, that big yellow button is tempting you to click it. Don’t do it! First you need an Adwords account. If you already have one though… go right ahead! Remember, you’re not taking this mini-course to fill your head with information, but to get new clients!