Getting New Clients For $5 or Less

(a 6 day mini-course)

Day 4: Stand above the crowd

Remember yesterday during campaign set up I said to just write a quick ad and to not take any time on it?
Well today, that’s your only assignment. We’re going to go back to your campaign and add a 1-2 more text ads…
This will not only improve what you created in a hurry yesterday, it will also enable you to split-test your ads. The best way to find a winning ad is to let searchers click on the one that most speaks to them.
Writing effective ad copy is a huge job, and high paying if you’re good at it. Thankfully we’re only going to create another 1-2 ads. Because your new campaign is focused on just one keyword and its variants, this also makes having professional ad copy less necessary. The people who are searching for you can’t directly comparing you against your competitor on the same page (usually), so while your ad needs to stand out, it shouldn’t have to be extremely compelling to get clicks.
Here are your step-by-step instructions to craft these ads. (See instructions below image)


1) Open your Adwords account, and click on your new campaign,
2) Click on your new Ad group.
3) Click on the Ads tab
4) Click on the button +Ad
You will see this screen come up. Now you are ready to write your ad.


  • Final URL: Put the URL of the page that you want a searcher to land on if they click
  • Headline 1 & 2: 30 characters each; on the first line use your keyword (company or brand name), and with the rest of that 60 characters, share an attention-getting benefit
  • Path: This is just for display purposes, not your actual URL. Repeat the keyword or call to action in these fields
  • Description: An 80 character section where you should write at least one benefit for the searcher, and give them a single call to action (ie, the next step you want them to take)
Take 10 minutes right now and write 1-2 ads. Time yourself – only 5 minutes per ad; do not go over time. Once you have 2-3 ads in your new Ad group / Campaign, you are done! The reason you are creating 1-2 more ads is so that you can split-test them — every 2-4 weeks you can go back into your account, compare the ads, pause all except the top performing ad, and write new ones to try to beat the current winner (more on this on Day 6). Using split-testing over time will help find an ad that is very effective.
You spent those few minutes to write the ads, right? By now you’re a pro at taking action (I hope!).  I’ll send you an email tomorrow with the next assignment (or you can work ahead and click that button).