Getting New Clients For $5 or Less

(a 6 day mini-course)

Day 0: “Roast” Your Marketing Manager

Before you start learning how to build / improve an Adwords campaign, it’s first important to review what you’re currently doing.
If you’re completely new to Adwords or your campaign is less than a month or two old, then save this for future reference, you WILL need it.
If you’ve been running a campaign for any reasonable time, you need to take these questions to your (external or internal) marketing manager. I say “roast” very tongue-in-cheek. A good marketing manager will welcome these questions and have good answers for you. But a bad one will not be able to hide behind the data or the promise to “improve stats” any longer. And if you manage your campaigns yourself, these questions will still help you — they will help you think through what you are doing strategically and discover gaps or areas that need improvement.
Before getting into these questions, you should know that you can go into your Adwords account and see exactly what your marketing manager has been doing every month that this person or team has been under contract with you.
First, as you see in this picture, select the date range you desire.


Second, you can see right above this sentence a clickable phrase in blue, “View Change History.” Click and open it.
Inside this report you will learn the truth, as the Change History shows you every action performed on your Adwords account during the date range you selected. It is your audit trail, automatically created by Google.
Once when I audited an account, I discovered that a company had not touched a client’s account for 2 months. The client had paid them a fee for managing the campaigns, but nothing at all had been done!
Just by opening this report you will discover a lot. Now, ask yourself these questions, or send them to your marketing manager. Time for a roast!
  • What kind of guarantee do you offer if I’m not getting good results?
  • Am I the only company (of my industry) in my area that you are working with?
  • What do you do each month to improve the campaigns?
  • How much input do I have over your strategy and what you do?
  • How will you be accountable for both actions taken and the results?
  • What are my most profitable services/best customers? (Ask this only if you’ve worked together for a while; it’s important to check your internal marketing manager knows what brings you the best customers)
  • What is the most I can spend to acquire the services/products I’m advertising?
  • Are you using 20 – 30 keywords (max) per Ad group?
  • Do you have 2-3 ads per Ad group in order to split-test them?
  • Are you using negative keywords?
  • Have you set up 1-2 unique landing pages per campaign/per ad group?
  • Are you tracking conversions (calls & form submissions)? (97% of advertisers fail that don’t track this kind of data)
  • Are you using Analytics to track conversions?
 Set up a call with your marketing manager and get some answers. Or answer these questions honestly if you manage the campaign yourself.
Now, below is a big yellow button that will take you to Day 1. Don’t click it! First get answers to these questions. This mini-course isn’t about getting information, it’s about giving you little steps at a time so you can take action!
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